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Remembering Helmut Kohl

Statement by ACG Chairman Ambassador Robert M. Kimmitt It is with great sadness that we learned today of the death of Helmut Kohl.  I had the honor of working with Chancellor Kohl for over three decades, beginning in the Reagan years, continuing through German Unification, and intensifying when I was appointed as the first American Ambassador in over 50 years to a united Germany.  Helmut Kohl will always be remembered as the Chancellor of Unification, but he was also a committed European and strong transatlanticist.  We offer his family and the German people our condolences at this difficult time, even as we join them in remembering the life and contribution of one of the Twentieth Century’s major political figures.

“Der Fluss des Wissens” by 2016 McCloy Fellow Christian Schwaegerl

Vor 300 Millionen Jahren bildeten die Appalachen, aus denen heute der durch Washington fließende Potomac-Fluss kommt, eine zusammenhängende Kette mit dem Antiatlasgebirge in Marokko - das sogenannte Herzynische System. Der Potomac selbst, der zwischen Pentagon und Weißem Haus liegt und die "National Mall" abschließt, ist nach Angaben des US Geological Service ein vergleichsweise junger Fluß. Er entstand in den vergangenen zwei bis drei Millionen Jahren in Folge mehrerer Eiszeiten, die dazu beitrugen, das heutige Einzugsgebiet zu formen. Erdgeschichtlich betrachtet einen Wimpernschlag von nur 267 Jahren ist es wiederum her, dass ein 18-jähriger Mann namens George Washington, der später Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten und Namensgeber ihrer Hauptstadt werden sollte, an den Ufern dieses Flusses als Landvermesser tätig war. Er trug damit auch zur Landnahme von den...

“Closing the Gap” by Robin Cammarota

It is hard to ignore the growing interest in gender equity issues on both sides of the Atlantic. This is especially true in March – which is Women’s History Month in the United States and only a handful of other countries. But, it is normal to see gender issues discussed in the American and German media on a regular basis. At the end of February, a small group of women in Germany launched the Feministisches Netzwerk, a counterpart to the Women’s March on Washington movement. Growing out of the nationwide demonstrations in favor of the rights of women, minorities, and the LBGTQ community on January 21, the Women’s March is now a nonprofit organization with a growing network both nationally and internationally. Across Germany and...

“Is Data the New Oil?” by Benjamin Rohé, 2011 Young Leader

Traditional industries are going through a radical change propelled almost entirely by the rapid emergence of huge amounts of data alongside new emerging business models. The pace of change is completely unprecedented, with 90% of stored data in the world today being created in the past 3 years, and with more than half of the Fortune 500 companies having declined in revenue in 2016. Businesses are left scrambling to compete, with the strongest companies surviving by utilizing data to build new revenue streams. Unfortunately, many companies do not feel properly equipped to handle the imminent changes brought on by data in the new digital world. Read more
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