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Weekly News Digest

In the news…

The ACG brings its members a compilation of timely analysis and opinion pieces on transatlantic issues. Articles are then posted to the website the following week. (October 20, 2020)

European Foreign Policy and Defense
Europe, Germany and Defense: Priorities and Challenges of the German EU Presidency and the Way Ahead for European Defense – Claudia Major and Christian Mӧlling, Foundation pour la Recherche Strategique
Washington Should Push for a Stronger E.U. Foreign Policy – Max Bergmann and Erik Brattberg, War on the Rocks
Sanktionen, Macht und Moral – Günther Oettinger, Der Tagesspiegel
Trump or Biden: Three Ways to Make Europe Matter in the Middle East – Julien Barnes-Dacey, European Council on Foreign Relations

German Leadership
Europe’s Futile Search for Franco-German Leadership – Josef Joffe, Project Syndicate
A Balance of Values and Interests: Germany, Realpolitik, and Russia Policy – Roderich Kiesewetter, European Council on Foreign Relations
Merkel’s China Reset Is Mostly Hollow – Jeremy Stern, Foreign Policy

Brexit Threatens to Become the Messiest of Messy Divorces – Tim Bartz, Claus Hecking, Nils Klawitter, et al, Spiegel
Die EU muss Großbritannien entgegenkommen – Christoph von Marschall, Der Tagesspiegel
EU to Boris Johnson: Get Brexit Done Already – Barbara Moens and David M. Herszenhorn, Politico

Surviving COVID

Germany’s Better. No, Worse. Wait, What? – Andreas Kluth, Washington Post
The 4 Simple Reasons Germany Is Managing Covid-19 Better than Its Neighbors – Julia Belluz, Vox
As U.S. Unemployment Soared, Germany’s Barely Budged. Is America’s Safety Net Enough? – Heather Long and Andrew Van Dam, The Washington Post

Transatlantic Trade
U.S.-EU Conflict in the Skies and Online – Scott Miller, William Alan Reinisch, and Jack Caporal, Center for Strategic and International Studies
How the U.S. Election Could Affect Europe’s Markets, Economy and Trade – Holly Ellyat, CNBC