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Weekly News Digest

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Each Tuesday, the ACG brings its members a compilation of timely analysis and opinion pieces on transatlantic issues. Articles are then posted to the website the following Friday. (March 27, 2020)

Chancellor Merkel
Merkel, the Coronavirus Revolution and Us – Martin Muno, Deutsche Welle
The Leader of the Free World Gives a Speech, and She Nails It – Justin Davidson, New York Magazine
Merkel Quarantine Puts Another Crack in Europe Virus Defense – Arne Delfs and Patrick Donahue, Bloomberg
Germany Forced to Ponder Coronavirus Battle without Merkel – Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico
What Happens if Angela Merkel Can’t Work? – Marcel Fürstenau, Deutsche Welle

Coronavirus in Germany
A German Import to Fight the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus – Peter S. Rashish, The Hill
With Its COVID-19 Caseload Spiking Past 18,000, Here’s Why Germany Is Battling Coronavirus Better Than Italy (Updated) – Guy Martin, Forbes
Wer ist der allerbeste Viren-Killer im Land? – Ferdinand Otto, Die Zeit
Föderalismus in Not – Nico Fried, Süddeutsche Zeitung

European Union
The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Exposing and Exacerbating the EU’s Fissures – World Politics Review
The Pandemic Means Less Europe—For Now – Dave Keating, Berlin Policy Journal
In EU’s Retreat, a Way Forward – Tim King, Politico
Coronavirus Is Making European Unity Sick, Too – Tobin Harshaw, Bloomberg Opinion

War time Economy?
European Countries Are Writing Blank Checks to Save Their Economies from Coronavirus – Charles Riley, CNN
There’s One Way We Really Are “at War” With the Coronavirus – Matthew Zeitlin, Slate
Kreativ wie in Kriegszeiten – Alexander Mühlauger, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Transatlantic Relations
The Virus Has Exposed the Recklessness of Trump’s “America First” – Daniel B. Baer, Foreign Policy
The Damage That ‘America First’ Has Done – Kori Schake, The Atlantic
Nicholas Burns: Why Does Good Diplomacy Matter? – Harvard Magazine

Coronavirus and Privacy
Wir müssen wach bleiben und diskutieren – Nora Bossong, Die Zeit
Coronavirus: They Want to Use Your Location Data to Fight Pandemic. That’s a Big Privacy Issue – Cathrin Schaer, ZD Net
Privacy Issues Arise as Governments Track Virus – Nikolaj Nielson, EU Observer