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Weekly News Digest

In the news…

Each Tuesday, the ACG brings its members a compilation of timely analysis and opinion pieces on transatlantic issues. Articles are then posted to the website the following Friday. (November 8, 2019)

30 Years After the Fall of the Wall
German Lessons – Constanze Stelzenmüller, Brookings
East Germans Were Welcomed to the West with Free Money. Here’s What They Bought After the Berlin Wall Fell – Malcolm Jack, Time
Revolutions for Whom? – Kirsten R. Ghodsee and Mitchell A. Orenstein, Project Syndicate
30 Years After the Berlin Wall’s Fall, the US and Its Allies Now Confront an Even More Formidable Competitor – Frederick Kempe, CNBC
Der Fehler liegt in unserer Erinnerung – Benjamin Bidder, Spiegel
Whatever Happened to the Berlin Wall? – Kate Connolly, The Guardian
Die Einheit als doppelte Demütigung – Malte Lehming, Der Tagesspiegel
30 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany Recalls the Economic Gulf Between East and West – Stephen Beard, Marketplace

The Rise of the Right
Die Linke Won a Battle. The Far Right Is Winning the War – Loren Balhorn, Jacobin
Democracy Is Under Attack in Post-Wall Europe – But the Spirit of 1989 Is Fighting Back – Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian
German City Dresden Declares ‘Nazi Emergency’ After Right-wing Extremism Climbs – Marty Johnson, The Hill
Dresden streitet über „Nazinotstand?“ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Political Turmoil in Germany
Die verwischten Identitäten der Volksparteien – Joachim Käppner, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Germany Risks Losing EU Clout If Governing Coalition Collapses: Oettinger – Hans von der Burchard and Cristina Gonzalez, Politico
Erlöst das Land, erlöst euch selbst – Markus Feldenkirchen, Spiegel
Die Groko ist bewegungsunfähig – Christian Tretbar, Der Tagesspiegel

Security and Defense
The Role of Capabilities in the Transatlantic Defense Relationship – Claudia Major, Carnegie Europe
Resetting the US-EU Defense Relationship – Michelle Shevin-Coetzee, Berlin Policy Journal
Embrace the Union – Max Bergmann, Center for American Progress