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Monthly Newsletters

September 2018 Newsletter
With the rise of the far-right in Germany and the larger EU, it has become increasingly important for the country take a leadership role. In this newsletter, ACG President Steven E. Sokol reflects on the rising tensions in Germany.

July/August 2018 Newsletter
In looking ahead towards the future of transatlantic relations, the ACG reflects on its long history of best practice exchanges through its Young Leaders Conference.

June 2018 Newsletter
As transatlantic relations become even more strained, the ACG looks to find ways to find common ground and build new partnerships. The June newsletter focuses on building new bridges through exchanges at the local level.

May 2018 Newsletter
As the ACG and Atlantik-Brücke prepare for the annual German-American Conference, the organizations release a survey on the state of transatlantic relations.

April 2018 Newsletter
The April Newsletter includes information on the German-American Conference in Washington, DC, highlights from previous events, and calls for applications.

March 2018 Newsletter
The March newsletter focuses on the changes in Germany’s government, elections in Italy, and the future of the EU. It also features highlights from February events, as well as announcements about long time friends of the ACG.

February 2018 Newsletter

The Berlin Wall has now been down longer than it stood. In the February 2018 newsletter, the ACG discusses how Germany has changed since the fall of the Wall in 1989. The ACG also announces the appointment of Ambassador John B. Emerson as Chairman of the Council.

January 2018 Newsletter

At the start of the new year, the ACG’s January newsletter reflects the breakdown in coalition talks in Germany and the future of the transatlantic relationship. Additionally, the ACG announces the launch of new programming.

December 2017 Newsletter

In mid-November, coalition talks between the Christian Democrats (CDU), the Free Democrats (FDP), and the Greens collapsed, leaving the Germany government in a new state of disorder. The December newsletter reflects on what this means for Germany and the future of the Bundestag.

November 2017 Newsletter

Transatlantic relations have become a bit strained since Donald Trump took office. Dr. Steven E. Sokol reflects on the tensions and the importance of a strong German-American, and European-American, partnership.

October 2017 Newsletter

The German election did not go as planned for the CDU and the SPD, but was a big success for third parties like the AfD, the Greens, and the FDP. In the October newsletter features Dr. Sokol’s thoughts and events that focused on the election, as well as coverage of the McCloy Leadership Mission on Urban Affairs and a special welcome to Ambassador Heusgen.

September 2017 Newsletter

As Germany prepares for their upcoming elections, the September 2017 newsletter reflects on the possible changes in government. The newsletter also highlights the 2017 Young Leaders Conference and the welcoming of new Consul General David Gill to New York.

July 2017 Newsletter

Looking back at the previous month, the ACG reflects on the John J. McCloy Awards Dinner, which was held on June 22. Additionally, the newsletter features highlights from discussions and lectures, the announcement of a new program, and updates of some of the ACG’s Young Leader Alumni.

June 2017 Newsletter

Reflecting on the growing tensions between the Chancellor Merkel and President Trump, the June 2017 newsletter examines the future of transatlantic relations through highlights the German-American conference in Berlin and recent events.

May 2017 Newsletter

Reflecting on the first round of the French election, the ACG newsletter examines the future of the EU, the Franco-German partnership, and the importance of transatlantic relations.

April 2017 Newsletter
Looking back on the month of March, the newsletter highlights the meeting of Trump and Merkel in Washington, DC, the activation of Article 50 allowing for the U.K. to begin negotiations to leave the European Union, and the gender gap in the U.S. and Germany. The newsletter also features upcoming events across the United States and updates on Young Leader Alumni.

March 2017 Newsletter

Reflecting on the Munich Security Conference, Dr. Steven E. Sokol gives insights into the future of transatlantic relations in the March 2017 newsletter.

February 2017 Newsletter

The February newsletter features a letter from Dr. Steven E. Sokol on transatlantic relations since the inguaration of Donald Trump, upcoming events in New York and across the country, and achievements of ACG corporate contributors.

January 2017 Newsletter

As the first issue of the year, the January newsletter notes important anniversaries, developments from some corporate contributors, and updates on Young Leaders.

December 2016 Newsletter

Reflecting on the 2016 U.S. Election, the December newsletter covers the future of the transatlantic partnership and highlights from previous discussions.

November 2016 Newsletter

The November newsletter examines the importance of technology in 21st-century business, with coverage of the 2016 TEP Conference and a forum on the digital economy.

October 2016 Newsletter

The October newsletter covers the launch of the McCloy Leadership Mission on Urban Affairs and Sustainability, highlights from recent events, and recently named Kellen Fellows.

September 2016 Newsletter

The September newsletter features a summary of the Young Leaders Conference and the announcement of new programs at the ACG.