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Fellowships Awarded in 2017

In 2017, the American Council on Germany awarded fellowships to the following individuals to complete research on timely topics:

Amanda Acheson
Sustainable Building Program Manager
Coconino County
Research Topic: “Creating Enduring Sustainable Communities through Local Leadership and Global Partnerships”
McCloy Fellowship on Global Trends

Jamie Bemis
Account Manager
Bright Power
Research Topic: “Exploring Innovative Responses in the Built Environment to Climate Change-Driven Trends”
McCloy Fellowship on Global Trends

Oliver Bilger
Freelance Journalist
Research Topic: “How Media Can Protect Against Fake News and Misinformation”
Kellen Fellowship

Jeffrey Kruth
Senior Urban Designer
Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative
Research Topic: “Postindustrial Futures in German and American Contexts”
McCloy Fellowship on Global Trends

Lauren McCloy
Legislative Director
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
Research Topic: “Consumer Protection in Digital Economy:  Challenges and Opportunities for the Energy Transition”
McCloy Fellowship on Global Trends

Thomas Meaney
Einstein Forum at Columbia University
Research Topic: “Good Refugee, Bad Refugee”
Hunt Fellowship

Bettina Oberhauser
Hessischer Rundfunk
Research Topic: “New Forms of Urban Mobility”
McCloy Fellowship on Global Trends

Alexandra Ruble
Visiting Lecturer
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Research Topic: “Protecting Families, Diving States: The Struggle to Reform Family Law in East and West Germany, 1945-1976”
Hunt Fellowship

Kerstin Ruskowski
Freelance Journalist
Research Topic: “Zero Waste – Ideas for a More Sustainable Lifestyle”
McCloy Fellowship on Global Trends

Florian Sturm
Freelance Journalist
Research Topic: “Fake News, Social Bots and Post-Truth-Society: Is the Internet Loosening Our Grip on the Truth?”
Kellen Fellowship

Peter Weissenburger
Die Tageszeitung
Research Topic: “Media in a Society of Crisis”
Kellen Fellowship